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Coal Feeder with Digital Weighing System
    Publish time 2019-03-20 13:59    

 Name:Coal Feeder with Digital Weighing System
 Model:Coal Feeder with Digital Weighing System
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     922A and 8224A pressure tolerant weighing belt based coal feeders are feeder systems that are equipped with digital belt scales and transportation regulation system.  Based on the requirement for furnace used in thermal power plant, the feeder can provide amount of coal to either coal grinder machine or furnace precisely and reliably.  It is main auxiliary equipment for coal based furnace system.

·Reliably supply coal in continuously and uniformly fashion.  The amount of coal provided can be adjusted according to the need of burning system, matching the amount of coal with the furnace burning rate.
·Feeder design is structured for easy access for maintenance.
·Anti-slippery driving roller.
·The coal conveyer is heat tolerant with gutters on the sides to keep coal in place on the belt.
·Feed is equipped with chain cleaning mechanism.
·Belt speed is controlled through frequency conversion.
·Electronic control system to calculate and monitor coal feed rate and cumulated amount in real time.
·Electronic control system automatically tracks and sets the coal feeding amount to coordinate with the burning system.
·Alert/protection system for feeding stoppage, stuck or under supply.
·Feeding gate can be operated manual or automatic.  It is corrosion resistant and air tight.

Technical Parameters: 

·Rated output:  4~85 ton/h
·Control Accuracy:±1%
·Pressure Tolerance: 
    9224A: 0.35MPa
    8224A: 5200Pa
·Electric Power: 
    Feeding belt:  3KW, 380V
    Chain cleaning: 1.1kW, 380V
·Transportation angle: Horizontal
·Standard Entrance dimension: 
·Standard Exit dimension: φ508mm

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