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 Name:MDC Digital Belt Scale in-kind Calibration System
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  Digital belt scale calibration system is a high precision deadweight digital scale, specially designed for on-line calibration of digital belt scales.  It significantly simplifies the in-kind calibration and makes it fast and reliable.
The hopper size of the calibration system is determined by the transfer capability of conveyer.  In some cases, the in-kind material amount used for calibration can not be less than 2% of the total amount accumulated per maximum hour of operation.
To ensure the measurement accuracy of the in-kind digital scale calibration system, the system is equipped with its own standard weight.  Depending on the regulation of the calibration procedure, the minimum standard weight could be 1 ton or 50% of the maximum weighing range, or the larger of the two.  For others, deadweight can be used.  The standard weight should be comply to Class M11
To improve the level of automation of the system, computer is used for control and for handle dual direction communication between weight indicator, belt scale indicator and programmable controller.  Using our software, the interval weights can be corrected automatically.  This makes the value indicated by the belt scale indicator and the calibration weight indicator the same to avoid error.  The error might be caused otherwise by manual operation.  The calibration process, weighing process of hopper scale, the belt scale and increase or decrease of the standard weight, can be completed on computer.  In addition, the whole process can be simulated by the computer.
Technical Parameters:
Digital belt scale in-kind calibration system is consisted of weighing hopper scale, load cell, weight indicator, standard weight, standard weight elevator and controlling mechanism.  
The technical specs are:
Weighing Accuracy  when standard weight is used for calibration and weighing, the system allowable error has to meet the following spec.

Operation Environment Conditions  Weigh hopper should be installed inside.  If inside installation is impossible, windbreak panel has to be installed to prevent wind from affecting the measurement accuracy.  In addition, the panel will also protect standard weight from rain wafer corrosion.
    Scale: -10 ~ 55℃
    Indicators: 0 ~ +40℃
    Temperature variation: ≤5℃/h
Humidity:≤90% RH.
Power Supply: AC220V/50Hz (-15%~+10%)

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