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 Name:SCS series Digital Truck ScaleSCS
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SCS series digital truck scale is composed of three parts: scale, weighing load cell and weight indicator.  The scale is with low profile multi components design.  It uses low profile platform without base pit.  The truck scale is easy to install and is with minimum maintenance.  It provides fast, reliable weight measurements.
Lanjian offers an array of truck weighing systems with varies specifications, from manual operating software & hardware to fully automated weighting management systems.  The weighing management software is built with Windows operating environment.  The practical and user friendly interface can greatly improve work efficiency and achieve error free operations.
The hardware of automated weighing management system consists of weight indicator (with communication interface), microcomputer, printer, truck number identification system and per requirements, optional long distance terminals, long distance printing, vehicle location monitors and trafficking lights.
The automated weighing management is controlled and operated by microcomputer.  The computer processes and stores the information from the vehicle identification system and weight indicators. The data is then printed or sent, per requirements. There are several menu displays.  They are: main weight display, system setup display, transportation vehicle display, inquiry & information display, report display and man-machine dialogue interface.  The information, such as vehicle weight, weighing time, material category and vehicle information, is directly available from the main weight display.

Technical Parameters:
·Accuracy: Class III (China National Standard)
·U cross section design to improve the overall platform rigidity.
·Standardized multi component combination of modules and scale platforms.
·Scale inner chamber is fully sealed and it is corrosion resistant.  No permanent deformation scale platform.
·Self aligned force transfer system.
·Multi function weight indicator with digital filtering, auto drift tracking, display gross, net weight and tare weight, etc.
·Vehicle number and tare memory. Total and sub-total weight.
·Data output/auto print.
·Self diagnose capability.
·Operation Temperature: 
·Indicator: -10 ~+40℃
Scale: -40 ~ +70℃
Relative Humidity: <90% RH.
·Power Supply: AC220V50Hz (-15% ~±10%)


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