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 Name:ICSBW Digital Belt Scale
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Main Technical Specifications:
·High precision,all suspension weighing scale frame.
·Convenient operating interface.
·No calibration instruments exchange.
·PC controlled dual direction communication interface.
·Four different measurement ranges: A, B, C & D for nominal weight rate of 5000 ·Ton/h, 500 Ton/h, 50 ton/h and 5 ton/h, respectively.
·Maximum allowable weight error: Comply to Class 0.5 & 1 (Chinese National Accuracy standard) 
·Operation Method: Continuous
·Transportation convoy angle: 0~18。 
·Operation Temperature: -10 ~+50 C, ≤90%RH.
·Power Supply: AC220V ±10%, 50Hz±2%.

ICSBWA Smart Integrator: 

·8-digit display: total transfer amount (Sum, sub-sum).
·6-digit, 7 segment LED display: rate of flow (ton/h), conveyor speed (m/sec), conveyor load (kg/m)
·Switch Output: pulse counter, fixed output.
·Interface: RS232 standard, RS485 optional.
·Standard Centronics printer output, ICSBWX analog weighing interface and ICSBWA smart integrator interface.
·Line Impedance: ≤200Ω  with 1000m maximum communication distance.
·Dimension (mm): 110Hx265Wx120D

ICSBWX Analog Weighing Interface:
·A/D conversion resolution: 16-digit
·Linear error: ≤±0.05%
·Bridge voltage: ~DC 4V
·Maximum Bridge current: 50mA
·Load Cell Impedance: 80~1000Ω
·Load Cell load sensitivity: 2mV/V±5%
·Maximum Distance between ICSBWX analog weighing interface & Smart integrator: 1000m
·Operating Environment: -10 ~ +50℃, 90%RH.
·Power Supply: AC220±10%, 50Hz±2%
·Overload class:IP67

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