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    Publish time 2019-03-20 11:16    

 Name:CLY-ALP load indicator
 Capacity:1000lb~10klb or 5kN~50kN
 Blueprint: Look over>>
·The wireless dynamometer is composed by the unique loadcell and wireless plam indicator

·With the load cell not over 2kg and portable plam indicator,the dynamometer can be used in outdoors

·Over 250 feet transmit distance,it protects you from unsafe or polluted enviroment

·With superior high precision,low power consummation and wireless transmission,this product has vast weighting application

·Easy installation with the bolt and the overload protection make you use it comfortable

·Built-in lithium battery,available for quick charge with 7.2V charger

·The battery can support 24 hours of continuous working after fully charged

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