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CLY-AL Load Indicator
    Publish time 2019-03-20 11:20    

 Name:CLY-AL Load Indicator
 Model:CLY-AL Load Indicator
 Capacity:1Klb-30Klb 5KN-30KN 500kg-5t
 Blueprint: Look over>>
·Aerial aluminum alloy housing,light weight,auti-dust and antimagnetic
·6 digit 18mm wide angle LCD display with backlighting
·4*AA Alkaline batteries or nickel hydrogen rechargeable batteries
·Superior high precision,preferable to weigh the force or the gravity
·In weighing model performed like a crane scale,the dynamometer has the functions of tare,display the gross weight and net weight
·The dynamometer has the functions of overload alarm,power consummation indication and auto-backlighting
·Conform to CE standard

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